Love Story



9 months. What started out as an uncertain exploration of a possibility has flowered into a full blown, lifelong commitment. I love you and cherish you, your heart, your dreams, your faith and your love. Thank you for being mine. You are, truly, Abba’s greatest gift to me, outside of life itself, which he gave through the costly purchase made by His Son, and this I know you’ll readily agree.

I love that look of joy and bliss I catch on your face, especially when I’m in view. I’m beginning to fall in love with your boyish charm and gestures – it’s all growing on me. I love how you reach for my hand every single time, as though you’d never tire of holding mine, love how you make it a point to buy me red bean milk tea, love how every single simple little thing in life becomes such a pleasure when I’m with you.

I love how hard you work for us – gosh, you work too hard sometimes, and those headaches come, and it’s all I can do to not get upset and work on helping you get rid of them. I love how effective my efforts are at getting rid of them (: I hope they’re really as effective as you make them out to be, and that you’re not just pleasing me.

喜欢你的认真,how you chase after truth and hunt it down from the furthest corners that it may reside in, and make it a part of your understanding and your faith. I love how you never let go till the answer is convincing enough, never for settling for something less than sound.

Love how you’re willing to eat whatever I push to you in my bowl (or plate, or cup, and whatever else for that matter), and love how because of you, I’ve found joy and pleasure in street food, even more so than those classy places I’ve come to favor so much in the past few years.

I love that perpetual spot I have on your left in the mornings and at night; brushing my teeth becomes a much welcomed routine when I’m with you. I loved your willingness to carry my bags even before we dated, and now I feel the warmth of that willingness extended to moments when I’m too tired to walk. I love your gung-ho-ness in jumping over that sidewalk river with me on your back, and love how those same muscles form a welcoming embrace for a wide-eye little bunny (:

I love your willingness to appreciate the things I value, even if they don’t always make sense to you, love how you never allow our disagreements to escalade into conflict, love how you gently coax me out of my stubborn corners, love how you love me even when I’m anything but lovable.

I love the person I am when I’m with you, and love too, the person I am inspired to become because of you. You make me want to be a better person.

Perhaps our love is too quick and has not allowed time for our loved ones to keep up with the changes that have taken place within us since we took our first step together on this journey, but I pray that in the days and years to come, they will witness that in our lives as we take the rest of the steps needed to finish this journey together.

I love you, Jere. You are God’s best for me, and I am thankful, ever so thankful, that He didn’t compromise, not one little bit, when He wrote our love story, a story that has been more than a dream come true – it super-ceded the wildest of my imaginations – and a story that makes me hang on to every word and the turn of each page.

For that, and everything else to come, I am ever so thankful.

Happy 9th month anniversary ❤

I love you.

Abba’s Jere-Avey’s Avey


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