It takes three.



Two years ago I was bemoaning my singleness and lack of suitors.

A year ago I was pulling all stops trying to catch the attention of one blissfully unaware guy. Then we got to Pekan Baru in July and he’s not known what’s hit him since.

Today, I have been happily engaged for 2 weeks. I say happily, but truth be told, there has never been more innocent yet simultaneously beguiling a word. An engagement marks the first step to a lifelong commitment, one that has too often been satin wrapped topped with a pink bow, or dismissively referred to as some kind of a tragic end. Tragic, of course, for those who don’t understand that it take more than two to make a marriage work.

You, me and him. It takes three.

To some we may seem clueless and overly rash, but if anything else, we’ve got that one thing right.

Abba, we want You – we need You – to be at the center of this. There has never been more urgent a cry from our hearts, nor more sincere a plea. Jere and I cannot make this work on our own – as two fallen human beings, we are slated for disaster on our own. Our love is not big or strong enough, but Yours is.

It was Your love, after all, that lifted us both up and out of the muck and set us on clean, new ground, wiped us clean, scrubbing furiously at the spots that are stubborn and take a while more to go away, and clothing us with a new set of white robes – righteousness, Yeshua’s righteousness.

We stand as two once horribly messed up people now put the right side up, but still learning, still growing, still being refined.

Help us to love each other like You do. Help us to see the person behind the excitement of planning a wedding, and remember that we are saying ‘I do’ for the rest of our lives. Help us to remember that You are holding our hands even as we walk along this path, that if we should stumble, You will be there to stand us on our feet again. Most of all, help us to glorify You with this significant decision we are making together as a couple, and every other one that is to come for the life ahead.

We love You. Let our marriage begin with that declaration.

Abba, we are Yours.


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