A Heart Won


Fell in love with a golden retriever today. Never wanted to hug a dog so badly before.

Strange, but Ta-Hoe, who doesn’t even speak my language, taught me one faucet of this wondrous thing called love today. He must have sensed my gaze and returned it. What followed next was a blueberry muffin hunt as he shredded my paper bag and sprayed muffin bits all over the pavement.

He allowed me to touch him without frightening me, as most dogs do, by following my hand with their noses. I’ve never really known what to do when it came to dogs, but for Ta-Hoe, I seemed to know, instinctively, how to communicate my affection by the rubbing of his gorgeous coat.

That was 19 January, and I’ve had a few more heart-winning encounters since. Abba is saying, “The year isn’t over yet.”

I pray not to wait in vain.


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