You brought me…here.


I have followed You to here.

I have followed you through my raging anger, through thrashing pain, through a soul numb from ache, through hellfire and thunderstorms, through scorn and disbelief and my own presumptions, through wavering moments as much as the underlying, unshakable certainty that You are still leading and I am still on the right track.

Finally, You have brought me here. But this is not the end of the journey yet. This is no Promised Land. Not yet. But I am here now, because the pillar of cloud/fire has stopped here, and it is a good place. A place to rest, to regenerate, a place of solid ground so that I can stop paddling for a bit…but also a place of learning.

Thank You, Beautiful One, for never having stopped loving or leading me.

I know that when the cloud/fire starts moving again, I will be readier than ever to face the next phase of the journey. FOr now, I am here, and it is good.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You.


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